Flash Websites:

Need your website to stand out? Flash will help your website do just so. The largest aspect that sets us apart as web designers here at Hybrid is the fact that everything we do is custom to each individual website we build. All of are flash work follows the same principal.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to flash websites is that flash websites are not found on search engines. This is not true flash websites are only lost in search engines when designers / developers do not know how to program flash website to be search engine compatible. Using the latest software and techniques on the market Design By Hybrid helps break the barrier of getting your flash website seen on most common search engines.

Some common features that come in most flash websites are custom logo animation, custom transitions between pages, functional forms and an easy to use content management system to help you change the information on your pages with ease.

View a Few Samples of Flash Websites We Have Created

muwah www.muwah.com
A Custom designed website to depict a downtown shopping center with a California feel to it. Check it
out and see what you think.

autobahn www.autobahn.com
Dynamic Flash website with custom transitions, custom intro, custom logo animation and functional contact form.
Luxury car look and feel.

cowlitzdrivingschool www.cdriving.com
Flash website for youth
driving safety school. Site
features custom graphics,
custom transitions and its own unique style.

theflooringco www.flooringco.com
A Unique website that showcases The Flooring Companies high quality work. One of the best info
websites on the internet.

motorcycleconnect www.mconnect.com
A user rich website featuring
custom bike of the week flash system along with a custom flash animated banner and graphics.

jetmotousa www.jetmotousa.com
This website has some very unique flash features that help this website stand out.
Such as a flash photo gallery
and custom bike features.

If you like what you have seen of our work, then why not give us a call to see what we can do for your website. Even if your website is already developed and online we can spice it up with some cool flash elements. Common flash elements you can add to your site might be....

Intro Movies:
When most people think of intro movies they either like them or hate them. It seems to really be a matter of taste, some people like having and Intro to state their mission objective, common information or whatever they want. For those people we help make them a customized intro movie to whatever their liking may be. We also make this movie easy to maintain with little computer knowledge. Any text or images displayed in this movie can be swapped with a simple click of a mouse. For those of you that despise these intro movies and feel they are a waste of time and users typically skip them anyway. We don't push the need for an intro movie on you so don't worry we won't even need to make the conversation of why you hate intro movies.

Flash Banners:
Commonly banners are used as the basic header or letterhead you could say of your website. Typically these are made up of your logo, maybe some custom animation with your logo to bring it to life. You can also use this banner as your websites navigation with your links within the banner. This gives your website an extra touch of professional and custom design. People commonly ask. What if someone is viewing my page and doesn't have flash player? Can they see my page? This is a scenario we work around, we program all of our flash elements to detect whether or not the user has a supported browser. If the user does not have a browser that is flash compatible it will pull up an alternative non-flash method to display the content. This is all done seamlessly and automatic and the user never knows otherwise. Flash banners are also handy if you want to advertise on other websites. Simply submit your banner we will supply you with and we will have all the programming ready to go.

Flash Games:
Games are pretty much fun for everyone. Whether the people viewing your website are simply bored office execs passing time or prospective clients games related to your business are always fun for your users. Simply let us know what you have in mind and odds are we can create it.

Custom Animation:
No matter what kind of website you have you need something differentiate your website from your competition. Some custom flash animation is a good way to accomplish this. People can always mimic your layout or even your graphics, but a custom flash animation isn`t so easy for them to copy. The most common way you can accomplish this is by having a custom logo animation or a custom navigation system. Be sure to check out some of our custom animation samples to get an idea of what you might want.

Flash Template Websites:

With the endless variety of options you have with a custom website sometimes what you want it terms of design and layout can get lost in the mix and you can get a website that in the beginning you didn`t really want but ended up settling for. This is a very common occurrence in daily life and the world of websites. We help to get you an idea of some different options by providing pre-made flash template website. These templates are not what you would get from say Yahoo easy site creator of Go Daddy`s website tonight templates. Rather these are more of a building point you find a layout or theme you like and them we use the existing format to build you a unique custom website. Take a look at what we have and see if any match what you might be looking for.